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PowerBuddy 20W Wall Charger


PowerBuddy 20W Wall Charger

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PowerBuddy 20W Wall Charger
PowerBuddy / White

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As part of the PowerBuddy family, PowerBuddy 20W ushers in the newest and finest member. It's small and refined appearance does not diminish any charging efficiency. In fact, it is capable of fast charging 2 USB-C/USB.


1. Up to 20W output, support Apple's latest iPhone 12 fast charge standard.

2. Small size, no more taking up space on adjacent power-strip slots.

3. Dual-port (USB-C/USB), one charger for two devices. 

4.Foldable-plug prevents scratching. Convenient to carry and store.  

5.Frosted surface material, resistant to dirt and fingerprints.