SwitchPower 2 way fast charging wireless powerbank (10,000 mAh)

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Rose Pink

SwitchPower is the world's first upgradeable power bank. Free to add any iPhone Xs Max case to give your SwitchPower a different look and be unique. It can charge 2 devices at the same time via Type C wireless port and wireless charging. With a magnet piece included, easily combine SwitchPower and your mobile phone into one and no more tedious charging. Pass military test (with a military standard phone case), solve all the safety concerns of the power bank completely. SwitchPower helps users to charge their devices freely without further burden.

1. The world¡¦s first upgradable wireless power bank. PD/QC dual-standard fast charge.
2. Type C port offers 2-way fast charging. Charges 50% faster with 18W bidirectional fast charging.
3. Piano painting with higher brightness, delicacy, scratch resistance compared to ordinary spray paint. Similar surface treatment like iPhone XS Max.
4. Classic LED display provides accurate power capacity information.
5. With the magnet piece, it¡¦s easy to combine SwitchPower and your mobile phone. No more tedious charging.
6. Apply iPhone XS Max for different look of SwitchPower.