EasySelfie -Rotating Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote and Tripod

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SwitchEasy team thinks a selfie stick should not only be fashionable but must also be functional and versatile, customizable for all kinds of usage scenarios. 90% of EasySelfie is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, resistant to wear and pressure without deformation. It is lightweight and all-in-one, making it easy to carry anywhere. Equipped with a hidden camera screw to mount various digital accessories such as panoramic camera, Go Pro, sports camera, micro single and micro cast. Unique smartphone bracket design allows rotation of the screen orientation and tilt angles without the need to take the phone down first. Whether you¡¦re bing watching, video calling, or shooting scenes, EasySelfie fulfills each usage requirement easily. Use the tripod to freely stand on tabletop or on the ground, without worrying about toppling or get crushed. Professionally tested to withstand a loading capacity up to 15kg (33lbs) in the OSM laboratory. Sporting a telescoping 8-section aluminum rod design, expandable from 195 (7.7) to 716mm (28.2in), EasySelfie stabilizes your photos and videos eliminating any annoying shaking. EasySelfie is your choice for a compact and lightweight selfie stick/tripod that is ready for any moment in your life

1. Built-in Tripod

2. Bluetooth remote control

3. Innovative Design

4. Rotating bracket

5. Telescoping stick

6. Standard accessory mount