Origami-Protective Case with Folding Cover and Stand for iPad Air 4th 10.9''

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Midnight Blue


Origami is the art of paper folding; inspired by origami, SwitchEasy created ORIGAMI case with folding cover and stand to protect your iPad in a creative way. Origami provides users 4 positions for 4 working scenarios from portrait, landscape to typing mode. It also supports iPad's auto wake/ sleep power saving function. ORIGAMI has classic leather for better feel and ultra-soft micro fiber lining that protects iPad screen. Apple Pencil 2 wireless charging is compatible.

1. Suitable for typing, reading and browsing.
2. Supports Apple Pencil 2 Charging.
3. 2 colors to choose from.
4. Protect iPad screen with style.
5. Premium quality for better feel.