PowerPACK Nintendo Switch charging and storage bag

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Midnight Black
Red Pocket


Unlike other Switch cases which only focus on protection, PowerPack provides a total solution for protection, storage and charging. It allows gamers to play anywhere and anytime. To keep PowerPACK light and easy-carrying. SwitchEasy designers have designed PowerStrap to hold the portable power bank and the Joy-Con controllers creatively. Now gamers can organize their portable power bank and Joy-Con controllers efficiently instead of throwing them in their backpack. With PowerPACK, you can also hold up to 4 Joy-Con controllers in one go!

1. Charge and play with PowerPACK Nintendo Switch charging and storage bag.
2. Convenient In-pouch charging.
3. Premium micro weave water repel nylon bag.
4. Built-In Game Pocket.
5. PowerStrap for holding Joy-Con Grip and Portable Battery.
6. Exclusive L-shape Cable Included.