iGLASS explosion-proof 3-in-1 glass case for iPhone XR

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We created the world's first glass case glass in 2016, create 3 designes at the same time of the world (Glass Protection Shell, Airbarrier Protection, Signal-through Design), also Switcheasy become the object of plagiarism because of this design. In 2018, we once again to challenge the global initiative, this time we launched the world's first 3-in-1 glass case and the world's first unbroken glass case. Fragile, degumming and fall are all the common problems of glass case, these problems will be resolved in this new generation glass case. The record that Glass raise the highest amount funds overseas to set up a mobile phone protection case in 2016 to, has not yet been broken, millions Apple fans in the world, for the first time, experience the new material and crafts by glass phone case superisly, this iGlass has 5 global initiatives, also a super shatter-resistant glass phone case that combines all the advantages of the previous generations cases.

1. The world's first 3-in-1 (TPU + aluminum + glass ) glass case, with iGlass TPU frame
2. Metal edge and glass back for premium look
3. Great protection with lightweight
4. 9H explosion-proof tempered glass provides higher durability
5. 90% optical transmittance for clear look and restores the original beauty of iPhone.