NUDE for iPhone 12 mini

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You buy a new iPhone and immediately feel the internal struggle to case or not to case? Not putting one on brings apprehension; What if I scratch it? Putting one on and you lose the bare feel of aluminium on hand. NUDE is the line of cases designed for minimalists who love the iPhone's original design. Through numerous improvements in materials, craftsmanship, and design, the balance between thickness and bareness is achieved. While protecting the iPhone, the side frame is removed, allowing users to directly hold and feel the bare iPhone.

1. Using manual polishing and the same vacuum plating process as Apple, to create a better visual and hand feel.
2. The back plate feels slim, perfectly fitting every inch of the iPhone's body.
3. PC backplate + electroplated frame. Experience the bare body feel while protecting the iPhone from harm.
4. Side Frameless design to speed up heat dissipation
5. Edges are higher than the screen and lens. Fear not any daily scratches.