AERO for iPhone 12 | 12 Pro

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Transparent Black


The nano-coating technology adopted by AERO line of cases provides a more delicate hand feel, and is more resistant against dirt and smudges. In terms of protection, AERO sports bumper sides and corners that are shock-resistant and a transparent back with AirBarrier to protect iPhone glass back. In terms of weight, AERO utilizes AeroTech, a production process that optimizes the Protection-to-Mass (PTM) ratio, while keeping the case lightweight.

1. Featuring AirBarrier design, an air gap inside the case, which effectively prevents the iPhone glass back from shattering on impact due to resonance.
2. Same liquid silicone and nano coating as the original Apple shell provides better feel and better anti-dirt properties.
3. Distinct NativeTouch buttons for more accurate and intuitive touch feedback.
4. Full-coverage protection, 1.2M drop tested.
5. Featuring Aero-Tech that maximizes shock-proof protection while keeping it lightweight.