EasyProtector For 2020~2018 MacBook Air13”& 2020-2016 MacBook Pro13” (Pre-order)

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Privacy is the basic demand of modern people. In tight public places such as coffee shops, hotel lobbies, trains and airplanes, the use of computer has always meant exposure to privacy risks. EasyProtector is a privacy film that protects your on-screen content from prying eyes. Furthermore, EasyProtector also protects your front webcam privacy, so you need not worry about your camera getting turned on without your consent. Slide the webcam cover close when your camera is not in use. EasyProtector adopts a magnetic design, so it can attach to the screen or remove to restore to the bare screen at any time, making it the best choice.

1. Limit viewable angle to 60°  (30 ° left/right)

2. Magnetic design. Mount the film on magnetically. Remove easily.

3. Webcam slider. Cover up webcam when not in use.

4. Water washable and reapply, repeatedly.

5. No tools needed. Natural adhesion without bubbles.

6. Seamless bonding with MacBook.

Shipping in 2-3 weeks. Delivery time depends on location.