Odyssey for iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Mobile phones have become indispensable personal items for everyone nowadays, but most phone cases merely provide protection or variations in styling. For heavy phone users, however, switching constantly between your hand, in your purse, or your pocket can be such a nuisance. SwitchEasy introduces the unique 3-in-1 Odyssey case. With the Odyssey case, you can use the phone untethered for mobility, or tethered with a lanyard for safety, or hung it over your neck or shoulder with a long strap to free both your hands. Convenience aside, Odyssey provides your phone the military-grade protection for the great outdoors. For better look and feel, Odyssey is made of 3 composite materials, with the body frame made of the same high-grade aluminum as the MacBook. Designed for the better experience of heavy mobile users, this is Odyssey!

1. Long strap for carrying iPhone over your shoulder on the side, or upfront over your neck -- freeing your hands.
2. Case made of high-grade anodized aluminum alloy, the same material and quality as Apple MacBook.
3. Featuring Aero-Tech that maximizes shock-proof protection while keeping it lightweight.
4. Special hardening treatment for greater scratch-resistance and durability.
5. Full-coverage protection, 1.2M drop tested.